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About the Nextgen Elearning Offer

We have joined forces with Industry Associations and Partners to bring you a market leading range of Elearning tools .

You will find stand-alone simple modules through to full business simulations. 

These programs provide cutting edge capability for your teams and can be specifically tailored to meet your current business requirements. 

We’re specialists in strategy, capability and business transformation, our approach brings people on the journey and shifts the way they think and behave.

We’ve all come out of the trade in the USA, South Africa, UK, Australia and New Zealand. with great pedigree’s and a lot of real life scars. 

Many Formats to Choose From:


Self paced course which are driven through the internet. Work at your own pace, with help if your each out.

Tutored Programs

The same online experience with a personal tutor. Supporting your learning experience and helping with exercises and practice.

Teams & Huddles

Online learning in teams! Supported by huddles which are led by a trained facilitator. Groups learn and work together to develop skills.


The ultimate learning experience. Full technology driven learning experiences. Available again in late 2020!

Courses We Offer

These are some of the examples of publicly available programs, if you have a specific tailored need for your business we will host on an private area exclusively available for your teams

The full business simulation:


Our ShopX simulation provides real world examples where your retail team can put their training to the test without risk to your business. We can then further refine their training if needed, or use the simulation as a refresher program to ensure their high levels of professionalism are maintained.

Four teams compete in the valley to generate the best commercial outcomes. All business levers are available to pull form range, price and cost. The facilitator leads you through a series of challenges and the outcome is up to you!

Currently available in tailored versions for Grocery Hardware and Drinks. If you have a specific need, talk to us.