Value Selling Modules for FSAA members

A self-paced eLearning package for the Foodservice industry. The seven lessons are designed with a “whole” learning journey in mind, but can be used as standalone modules to develop a single skill. The focus of the program is selling value rather than price, and getting to know what drives and motivates your customers. A deep understanding of your customer’s needs only comes from great discussions, which help to build and strengthen relationships.

Value Selling module structure (7 “lessons”)

  1. Introduction, Planning the Sale and Objective Setting
  2. Understanding Customer Needs
  3. Question and Listening
  4. Using Features and Benefits
  5. Building the Commercial Story
  6. Overcoming Objections and Closing
  7. Selling with Passion

Seven lessons of around 25-35 minutes each. Delegates given 4 weeks to complete each lesson.


  1. Key message slides
  2. Interactive games to embed
  3. Video and or audio instruction
  4. Downloadable content such as planners, pocket cards and checklists
  5. Downloadable PDF workbook
  6. Personal action plan, complete online – (which can be shared with client leadership)
  7. Skill Testing – pass/fail if required – (scoring shared with client)
  8. Randomised questions to avoid collusion

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