eLearning Module Outline for FSAA members

Value Selling module structure (5 “lessons”)

  1. Introduction, Planning the Sale and Objective Setting
  2. Understanding Customer Needs
  3. Question and Listening
  4. Building the Commercial Sell in two parts
    1. The sell structure
    2. Trade maths and making the offer commercially attractive
  5. Overcoming Objections and Closing

Five lessons of around 25-35 minutes each. Delegates given 4 weeks to complete each lesson.


  1. Key message slides
  2. Interactive games to embed
  3. Video and or audio instruction
  4. Downloadable content such as planners, pocket cards and checklists
  5. Downloadable PDF workbook
  6. Personal action plan, complete online – (which can be shared with client leadership)
  7. Skill Testing – pass/fail if required – (scoring shared with client)
  8. Randomised questions to avoid collusion

1. Introduction, Planning the Sale & Objective Setting

This module provides the introduction to value selling, defines key elements and provides an overview of the process and key skills. 

Objective setting at customer and sales call levels, is a major requirement of sales planning and is also covered in this module.

2. Understanding Customer Needs

Discover the importance of understanding customer needs and how this enables you to sell value.

Download the Needs Explorer tool and practice on one of your own customers.

4. Features and Benefits

This module explores the concept of Indirect and Direct Features, and how these are converted to Benefits, with a value assigned to each. This is key to selling value.

5. Building the Commercial Story

Creating a compelling commercial story using the Commercial Selling Structure.

6. Overcoming Objections and Closing

Overcoming objections and closing with confidence is all about managing the tactic often used by buyers.

7. Selling with Passion

Delivering the message in a compelling way is essential. These are some of the key watchouts and techniques to utilise for a successful sell.